Kitchen Sets - IFRC / ICRC Type A

Contents: 1 x 7L Stainless steel cooking pot with two handles
1 x 5L Stainless steel cooking pot with lid and two handles
1 x 2.5L Stainless steel frying pan, also serves as lid for the 7L cooking pot
5 x Stainless steel bowls, 1L capacity
5 x Stainless steel plates app 0.75L capacity
5 x Plastic cups / stainless steel cups
5 x Stainless steel spoons
5 x Stainless steel forks
5 x Stainless steel table knives
1 x Kitchen Knife, stainless steel blade with plastic handle
1 x Spoon, wooden for stirring
Packing : All items to be packed in a plastic bag, thereafter placed in a carton
Volume  : 1500 sets in 20’ container
The above set can be provided in different grades of stainless steel as per requirement