Seating & Sleeping Mats

Make : The mats will be from 100% synthetic yarns in a tightly woven 2/2 twill structure using a monofilament warp and flat tape meft. All the edges are secured either with a woven, bias-binding tape with stitches, zig zag type, through the fabric of the mat. The binding is secured and durable to prevent the fraying of the mat, which will result in rapid disintegration of the structure.
Material : Waterproof, tear proof material and trim finished
Color : Assorted Colors
Size : 1.80 x 0.90 meters
Weight : 810 grams/piece
Packing : Bale of 50 pieces
Weight per Bale : 40.50 Kg (approx)
Dimensions per Bale : 94x48x44 cm/0.20 cbm (approx)